Magic Inlay is a puzzle game in which you need to inlay pieces in place
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Magic Inlay is the sequel of Puzzle Inlay, a puzzle game in which you need to inlay pieces into a shape.
The pieces will enter the screen from the right, and you will have to pick them using your mouse´s left button, rotate them if needed with the right button, and drop them in place with the left button, again.

The unused pieces will accumulate in the lower end of the screen. If there´s no more space, you lose. You can avoid that destroying the unused pieces with a hammer, but you can do that only a limited times.

If you pick a piece that you can´t drop in place, you´ll have to discard it on the lower right. Again, this is a limited right.

You can complete the remaining places in the shape with single triangles, using your magic wand. That will work only a limited amount of times.

Sometimes you will have some of the already dropped pieces destroyed, so you´ll need to fill the now empty spaces with new pieces.

You will earn amulets during the game, that will give you special powers.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has very nice graphics, music and sound. It´s very addictive


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